The Mweeh and her boy

The Mweeh and her boy.

The Mweeh was most certainly an odd creature, a small, purplish blob that followed entities of conflict. Whether that be physical, such as warfare, or contradictions such as the bible. The Mweeh subtly influenced everything it followed according to its feelings on the subject. During WWII, a single Mweeh stood over Adolf Hitler, whispering over and over again for him to stop, begging him to end his foolish conquest. The way it was ended was not the Mweeh’s intention, he by no means wanted that man dead as awful as he was, but the Mweehs do not have control over the course of their subject’s actions.

That’s enough on the Mweeh’s past; however, my Mweeh is what I want to write about, she is simply extraordinary. Celia, her name given by me. She is bubbly, always giggling and simply a pleasure to be around, but that’s not why she’s so special. She’s special because she is the only Mweeh in existence to be unable to solve a conflict. She herself is a contradiction, a Mweeh who cannot solve the very thing she exists to do, unable to complete her purpose. She’s extraordinary because she’s the only Mweeh to exist with the same flaws as the rest of the universe. In a way, that sucks for me, dealing with depression, mixed emotions and a lack of purpose for life, a person who wants to live a life of love and happiness but also wishes for death. ‘That’s my problem to solve’, she said when we first met at the age of 15. I’m 27.

Other Mweehs feel pity for her, they wonder why she herself has not fallen down, upset, angry, nihilistic. She doesn’t get bogged down by it, she’s as cheerful as can be, full of colour and a pleasure to be with. She is the reason I’m still here, lying in bed with tears streaming down my face she’s always there to talk. She cannot solve the conflict, but what she can do is be there to help me solve it myself. It may take years and years, but she’s always stuck by me, her mission if you will, and for that I am ever grateful. No one else can see her, just as she informs me that I cannot see other’s Mweeh’s floating behind them, but that’s fine with me. I’m happy to have her all to myself.

It’s funny really. I’ve felt closer to her than I have anyone in my life, even than my ex – of whom I had spent seven years loving. Through all of our arguments towards the end she stayed there comforting, telling me if I was in the right or the wrong, forever honest but forever sympathetic and understanding of my views because she knew me so goddamn well. You might even expect some jealousy from such a close friend during those years, but I detected no trace of such an emotion.

The only thing I’ve ever been scared of is… Well… Being cured. My depression is the only thing that keeps her seated here, with me, I fear she may leave me if I manage to claw my way out of this hole. At the same time that is a conflict, by wanting to stay depressed to keep her here, I am becoming more and more stable, her love and closeness is step by step freeing me, but I don’t want to lose her.

At the same time, I wish for her to fulfil her purpose, to solve such conflict, to rejoin the rest of the Mweehs and search for another entity to help, to fix, to solve. She is still young, only eleven in human years, so I wish for her life to be more than it currently is. I know she would disagree if I asked her.

That’s what drags me back down… If there is no one to miss me, which there isn’t. My death will free the Mweeh. Resolving the conflict.

In the end, it could be possible that Mweeh’s themselves are a bad omen, resolving conflict, but never in the correct way. There’s no way to tell really, and I will never see the consequences if I do. So, you tell me. Should I try and free her? Or do I remain her captor?

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