Little Luke the terrible

“I want the world to tremble when they see me”

“And I want a coffee sweetheart, but only one of those things is actually going to happen.”

“Muuuuuum!” I groaned, her disbelief embarrassing me yet again. I stared at the crowd of people in the coffee shop, all getting their morning fix. Morons, all of them. The violet of my mother’s iris orbited her pupils as she rolled her eyes at me yet again, watching my scowling face with a chuckle.

“Come dear. You can dominate the world another day.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front desk. I puffed out my cheeks in a pout that was meant to be rebellious, but my conniving mother took it as adorable. I’d show her. In the end I’d show them all. Of course, I didn’t know that. I wiggled the regal hat upon my head as it was uncomfortably pressed against my horns. My tail was also pressed against the small of my back, but that was far more bearable.

A fire burned passionately within my eyes, I really did want them all to kneel. Even as the tiny little seven-year-old that trotted behind my mother, with my little indigo horns that sprouted just above my hair, and my minute purple tail curled against my back, the tip shaped as a developing spear.

“And here’s your juice and muffin little man!” The coffee barista smiled at me gleefully. I took his muffin and juice politely, but with an intimidating growl in my heart. I would be scary one day. I knew it.

“Now I told you to be nice didn’t I?” Mum said, her eyes focused on the road ahead, over the steering wheel. I couldn’t see over the dashboard; I was that small. Pitiful.

“I was Mum! Ugh, you wouldn’t understand, you’re not even demonic.”

“And you’re only a half demon, remember? Luke?”

“It’s Lucifer, Mum.”

“You wish!” She laughed heartily. “But stop staring at people with such contempt! Your father treated everyone with great respect, a very honourable demon that one.”

“Except Angels.”

“Yes well, we all have our faults.” She dismissed me without a thought.

“Maybe if he stayed at home I could learn from him.” I grumbled, half in pain, half in frustration. I wish I could show little me how far I had come. I wish I could show Mum.

“Yes well, certain beings don’t take too kindly to a demon/human child. It’s why I keep you hidden with me.” She looked out of the window to her right, melancholy struck her face with great vengeance, ripping her smile and taking it far, far away.

I cast a flame in my hand and stared into it, one day, this would all be different.

17 years later…

The flames burned before me, a great fireball that engulfed my vision, bringing a great grin to my face. This place was all mine.

“Order number 32! Specialty order chef!”

I grinned. I had come so far, I wish my mother could see me now, holding everyone with equal respect, and using my demonic brilliance for good. People across the world come to eat at the ‘demon’s’ restaurant in New York, Hell’s kitchen.

I hold everyone equal Mum, I don’t want the world to tremble! I don’t want anyone to tremble.

“I heard this place was run by a demon?” A guest in a white suit shouted from the front door.

Ah. Well, everyone except angels, of course. I grinned, the flames in my crimson eyes igniting with renewed passion.


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