New Book release! The Badland:

Hi there all! My new horror/adventure novella has officially released and is available on amazon! You can find it via this link:


“Across the vast ocean, and after many days of sickening rocking, you will find a gate covered in buzzing flies. On top of this gate sits a creature with an impossible number of fingers, playing an instrument that sounds something like a flute. Its impossible fingers, connected to its chest and shoulders and arms form a stretch of flesh one might call its impossible hands. Its fingers move at once too fast, and eerily slow, like a camera recording a scene in too few frames. Its sound burrows into your mind as termites burrow into their mounds. It creates incessant clacking and the tickering of tiny feet will plague your skull. This is your ticket to enter, your way of entering the Badland.”

Nyssa has been plagued with night terrors since the moment she first dreamed, and at the beginning of her adult life, they remain ceaseless. After a particularly rough night, memories from a girl she never knew begin flooding her mind, premonitions of a realm beyond our own that houses nothing but agony, a hell far worse than she could have ever imagined. With the knowledge of the girl that lived before, and a fear of Suffering for all eternity, Nyssa begins a journey to discover the nature of Suffering, and if it is worth continuing to exist in the face of it.

The Badland will take you on an adventure across dark realms and haunting landscapes, all inspired by surreal horror artists of past and present, such as Zdzislaw Beksinski, H.R Geiger and Heronimous Bosch.

Thank you for supporting me!

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