New Book release! The Badland:

Hi there all! My new horror/adventure novella has officially released and is available on amazon! You can find it via this link: Thank you for supporting me!

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The Matrix: Resurrections Review (SPOILERS)

The Matrix Resurrections review: Warning, spoilers for the WHOLE movie! Perspective: I had a weird perspective going into The Matrix: Resurrections, I was busy over the holidays so I only got the chance to watch

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Newspaper Trimmings

Newspaper Trimmings. When I was a little girl, around eleven maybe twelve, I suffered a recurring nightmare. I would be alone in the autumnal woods after my friends went home, with nothing but a pink

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A Bestiary of Insatiable Creatures – Release!

My next collection of short stories is now on amazon! It is a short collection of horror stories tied together through a modern setting in which we never rose to the top of the food

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