Bullets in a storm

This one is very over the top.


Bullets in a storm.

The two lone gunmen stood ten metres apart, buffeted by the unflinching rain that stormed the tiny tropical island. The sky had grown grey with doubt and fear as its tendrils lapped the ground, tornadoes that ravaged the trees and cut through the earth.

At each of their hips were strapped custom built holsters for their custom-built handguns, a Sig P226 and a H&K USP.

“You already know how this ends Parvus.” Said Magnus.

“Your wax wings are melting partner.” Parvus tipped his hat.

Magnus shrugged his shoulders with a slight chuckle and drew his weapon, firing two bullets almost in a direct line of each other.

Parvus drew his own in a split second, the chrome of the USP glistening in the hint of sunlight that reflected through the raindrops.

Their bullets crushed into one another, and they charged toward one another. Their hands moved like water, unstopping in their momentum. A shot would ring out and sail past the other’s cheek or shoulder – whilst they would duck and weave under one another’s barrel. Parvus’ forearm slammed into Magnus’ steel arm, but he did not wince nor flinch, they both fired a shot into the air as they attempted to force their barrels toward one another’s face.

Their slides jerked into the backward position, and they both dropped their magazines into their other hands. Parvus lunged forward, going for a strike to the side of Magnus’ face. He ducked and rammed the bottom of his magazine into Parvus’ side.

Thunder crackled above; the lightning hidden by the thick cloud.

Parvus kicked his opponent away, Magnus spun on his heel loading a fresh magazine into the gun and firing a round that struck the metallic rim of Parvus’ hat. The shot flew off into the wind, and into the raging waves of the sea with a soft ‘plop’.

Parvus immediately fired back, the USP tucked under his arm with his hand planted firmly on his shoulder. Magnus began closing distance again, dodging those two rounds and firing a couple more of his own, that were deflected as Parvus swung his bulletproof coat around his form. They reengaged in their close combat much more brutally than before, bruising and bloodying one another in their attempts to get closer and closer to their vitals. A round surged through Magnus’ flesh shoulder, another drilled through Parvus’ leg, but they refused to slow down. Even once the weapons were once more out of ammo, the same dance with the empty magazine began, their knowledge of one another beginning a game of chess within each of their minds.

The wind lurched through the island with great force, lifting Parvus’ hat and leaving it sailing into the wind. His hair spilled out into the storm, tugging at his head as it whipped around with the erratic wind. The blood running down his leg was ruining his white outfit, and the blood on Magnus was not nearly as noticeable in his black and red jacket.

They shot back from one another again, taking a moment to breath. A shard of sunlight highlighted the sea miles out, the storm would end soon.

Magnus allowed the empty magazine to drop to the floor and slowly reached his hand behind him into his belt to draw a new one. He brought it toward his Sig, fed it into the gun, and grabbed the top of the slide. Looking at Parvus through the blood and sweat dripping from his brow he pulled back on the metal and allowed it to ride forward.

Parvus did the same, though using his finger on the slide release to charge the gun.

“I still got a lot of fight left ol’ pal.”

“I’m sure you do.” He spat onto the beach. “But don’t start letting your guard down yet.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He smiled through the rust on his teeth, though he wasn’t sure if the iron tasting liquid was his own or his opponents. He ran his tongue over the front his teeth in an attempt to reveal a little more whiteness.

Magnus dashed forward into a slide, tucking the gun into his hip and firing three as fast as the gun could handle. Parvus jumped over him and fired down, leaving three holes in the sand, and three unperceivable holes in the clouds above, before the wind took them back down into the sea. Magnus turned to fire another, but as he did he felt a jolt run through his body. His barrel smoked in the pouring rain, as did Parvus’ as he dropped to his knees.

They smiled at one another, both with a hole in their hearts, and planted their faces into the sand.

The rain washed the blood back into the heavy sea.



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