A Small Kindness

The young lad sighed again, his tie was a mess, he was too hot, and he had already missed the first train. The interview he was headed for was looking less and less likely to be a success, and more and more likely to be a catastrophe.

He took it off again, gave his neck some air – free of the collar – and tried to tie it once more.

“Derrick…” An old woman nudged her husband, having seen the young lad’s distress. “Go see if you can help.”

He smiled warmly, and leaned down to the young man, who was tapping his leg nervously waiting for his train.

“Would you like a hand young man?” He asked, obviously motioning to the twisted and malformed tie.

“Y-Yes. Please.”

The old man nimbly undid the tie, and retied it up with a perfect double Windsor knot.

“Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do fine!” The woman said with a great big smile. She took her husband by the arm again, and with a wave left the young lad to his day.

The young lad looked down at his tie, and felt all the anxiety and worry drain away. With rejuvenated enthusiasm, he got up to catch his train as it came into the station.

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