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I’m Thomas Pass, born 4th of September 1999. I’m an aspiring author, with a primary focus on imagery writing mixed into my narratives, the flowery kind of language you’d find in 1800s novels is everpresent in my style, so if you’re not into that, sorry but you probably won’t like my work. I recently got a publishing deal for one of my short story collections so keep an eye out for it! It’s called Jonathan and should be releasing next year!

I’ve been writing since 2013. In this website you will find political opinionated pieces, short writings and updates on my writing prospects. I hope you all find something to enjoy.

I’m currently doing a creative writing course in uni, so I’ll probably be posting a lot more work on here for the sake of safekeeping and for later reading. Basically to archive. Thanks to all that read!

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  1. Hey can you continue A new Life on your fanfiction site. I know that you probably have a lot of work but i really loved your fanfic. So please can you keep going. THX

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