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Got Stars For Company

I’ve got the stars for company.

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Those Who Find

Those who find.

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Betty Lee

Betty Lee.

The club was alive with the spirit of forgotten woes and the haze of cigarette smoke. The music was pumping through the establishment, shaking the ill-gotten alcohol on the shelves and somewhat confusing the term ‘speakeasy’. 

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Daddy didn’t Lock it away

– Daddy didn’t lock it away

Thud thud. Have you ever been shot? I thought not. Or maybe you have, and my arrogance has immediately annoyed you. Well, for those that don’t know, I have, and the searing pain never came as I collapsed in a pool of my own blood.

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Jonathan’s mother was a nature enthusiast, like her husband. She would spend days birdwatching, walking alongside streams and rivers and enjoying her time off work under the trees and among the critters of the underbrush.

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This is one of a few pieces I plan to put together in a collection of Urban horror stories.




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Hello mrs julie

“You have to get out man! Like, they’re coming! They already got Leafie!”

“Shit. Look just keep yourself safe, I’ll make sure we’re okay over here.” Kempt quickly put the landline phone down.

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The value of 7.62

The value of a life.

As we crossed the bridge, the sound of whistling bombs forewarned of the hell we approached, when they crashed into the earth and defiled it, sending water up and people down, I shivered.

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A single kraut

“Single Kraut, patrolling the edge of the trench, e’s roughly… I dunno… two hundred and fifty to three hundred metres?”

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Share a pint

Share a pint.

The neon sign flickered red as it hung from the side of the building barely managing to stay attached to the bricks that it so desperately tugged on. The sky was dark and cloudy, but not gloomy, like it was shy of the world it hung so delicately over. 

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